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HK Rescue Puppies are not taking in any puppies and dogs at this time, so do not currently need any volunteers. If you would like to volunteer for a great local rescue group, please contact LAP (all over HK) or Catherine's Puppies (Sai Kung only); both can easily be found on Facebook.


Volunteering for HK Rescue Puppies


Who are “HK Rescue Puppies”?


HK Rescue Puppies is a HK Government registered Animal Welfare Society. We are an all volunteer run organisation with no paid premises or staff that operate in the Sai Kung & Lion Rock Districts of HK. We rely totally on the kind hearts and good will of the public in order to continue our work (we receive no subsidies or funding from the HK Government).  

In order to improve the lives of as many puppies & dogs in Hong Kong as possible, our mission is:

  • To rescue, rehabilitate & home abandoned & stray puppies & dogs.
  • To promote & encourage the de-sexing of all dogs.
  • To educate the public regarding the proper handling, care & welfare of pet dogs.

How you can help:


Homing Sessions & School Fairs: We need help at our puppy & dog homing sessions (periodically on Saturdays; although sometimes on Sundays & public holidays & at the occasional school fair) – Weekend sessions are usually 10:30 am to 3:30 pm outside Starbucks in Sai Kung town. This work will involve talking to people & encouraging adoptions, interviewing potential adopters & fosters, cuddling & playing with the puppies, cleaning up after them, periodically taking some of the older dogs for walks around SK town (with “Please Adopt Me” signs on them) & asking the general public if they are interested in adopting a dog. Volunteers for homing sessions must be outgoing & not afraid of approaching members of the public & asking them if they are interested in adopting a puppy or dog. They will also need to clean up after the puppies & dogs when they go to the toilet. We need a minimum of 1 Chinese speaking volunteer & 1 English speaking volunteer at each homing session; it is better if we have extra volunteers though, as that way we can handle busy periods more effectively, take teh adult dogs for short walks around town & alternate taking short breaks.


Puppy/ Dog Fostering & Training: We are always looking for people to help with fostering our puppies & dogs in order to train them & prepare them for their new homes. NB. Puppies are a lot of work & it usually gets messy. This work will involve picking up a lot of poo & mess but the benefits are that you can have lots of fun playing with the puppies & cuddling them. It is important to handle puppies correctly from a young age so that they are prepared for their new home environment. They will also need to be taken to the vets for their usual check ups, wormings, vaccinations & desexing operations (when old enough – 5-7 months old). Sick puppies may also need special care when recovering from operations & illnesses. We also need help with fostering & training adult dogs that may not be house trained or who may have some behavioural problems (such as chewing, barking, separation anxiety etc.). All foster carers will need to bring their foster puppies/ dogs down to our puppy homing sessions & then pick them up again if they are not homed. We will offer training for long term volunteers interested in this. Our Chairman, Hazel Black is a qualified dog behaviourist who teaches dog owners how to become effective pack l;eaders & train, handle & behave around their own dogs in a non-confrontational way that dogs understand (through their natural canine instincts).


Advertising/ Taking Photos: In order to home as many puppies & dogs as possible we need help with advertising them. This work will involve taking good photos of the puppies & dogs, writing stories about them, e-mailing the posters to friends, printing out posters & placing them around town (in vets clinics, pet shops, village/ school notice boards, restaurants, on community websites etc.) and placing them on our Facebook page (HK Rescue Puppies) & website ( Volunteers need to have initiative, have good computer skills & grammar & be good at photography.


Fundraising: As we receive no Government subsidies, we need to receive donations from the public in order to continue our work. This can be through organising fundraising events, such as sponsored dog walks, pub quiz events, bake sales, having a stand at your local school fair or doggy event, procuring prizes & selling tickets for a “lucky dip”, advertising for donations on websites etc. Volunteers should be friendly, outgoing & not be afraid of speaking to the general public or calling up/ e-mailing potential prize donors.


Dog Walking/ Familiarisation: We do not have our own kennels (we prefer to keep our puppies & dogs in foster homes where possible) but when we don't have enough foster homes, we occasionally keep some of our rescue dogs in Ferndale kennels in Sai Kung Country Park. These dogs all need exercise on a regular basis & need training & socialising with humans & other dogs at the same time. Some of them are also available to go out for day trips when suitable dog handlers are available to take them out. Volunteers must be over 18, calm (but confident around dogs), physically fit & be able to handle dogs (previous dog handling experience is essential). They should ideally live close to the kennels, be able to drive or have someone who can drive them there/ pick them up. They must make an appointment with the kennels in advance that they are coming & fulfill all the safety requirements & abide by the regulations at the kennels.


Website/ Facebook: We need help with monitoring, updating & promoting our website & Facebook page (HK Rescue Puppies). Volunteers must have good computer skills.


Promoting spaying & neutering (De-Sexing): The stray dog population in the Sai Kung area is ever increasing. We need to promote the desexing of all dogs. This work will involve going around to local villages, talking to dog owners & persuading them to get their dogs desexed & to get them necessary medical treatment (if we can procure enough funding, then we can help poor villagers out financially with necessary medical treatments & desexing for their dogs). Volunteers must be outgoing & be able to speak Cantonese & English fluently.


Educating the public on the proper welfare of pet dogs: This work will involve handing out flyers to the general public about not buying puppies from pet shops (as most of them come from inhumane, cruel & illegal puppy farms in China & HK), about not treating their dogs like babies/ children (i.e. not putting shoes & clothes on their dogs, pushing them around in prams, dying their hair different colours, giving them impractical haircuts & sitting them on seats in restaurants). Dogs need to be allowed to be dogs & enjoy walking & running around free of clothing, shoes & prams with a natural coat that is properly groomed & not cut too short (a dog’s hair can keep them cool in the summer & protect them from sunburn). Long haired dogs should be trimmed in the summer months (especially around their tummies & lower chests) but never shaved – apart from by a vet, for medical reasons. Volunteers must be outgoing & preferably be able to speak Cantonese & English fluently.


If you are able to help with volunteering for any of the above-mentioned jobs then please e-mail Hazel Black – Chairman – HK Rescue Puppies -


Many thanks & Woof Woof! 


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