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Please help us to find these missing animals, as their owners are desperate for their return. Many thanks, Woofs & Miaows.

麻煩可以幫忙一下嗎? 已經18天了,仍未找到 Bella 妹妹,我哋真係好擔心,好掛住佢。。。心力交瘁。。麻煩大家繼續幫手傳開去及留意有冇朋友嘅朋友嘅朋友近排突然多了隻狗狗,或外出時幫幫眼睇下見唔見佢 (初頭主要半山區,但咁多日唔知會唔會範圍已大咗)。佢係我哋屋企一份子,我哋唔會放棄的。如果你救咗佢,多謝您,請求你把她帶回我們家呀。。我哋會無比感激。。感謝大家熱心幫忙 😢

【尋愛犬,重酬 $30K係我哋心意】【$30K Reward for missing dog】
走失: 5月19日下午2時
Lost: May 19 @ 2PM
Last seen: Central Mid-Levels No. 1 Conduit Road while playing at the park downstairs
名稱 Name: Bella
品種: 牧羊犬,女
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog, F
Color: Brown, White, Black
晶片號碼 Microchip no.:AVID 033 060 006
She had surgery and needs our constant care.
見過佢或拾到請聯絡 5964 5460 及 9700 8839
Pls contact us if you have seen her or picked her up. 非常掛念她,請廣傳,謝謝大家。We miss her. Pls help share, thanks everyone.

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