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Training Tips

Are you having any of the following non-medical, behavioural problems with your puppy or dog: Aggression/ chewing/ barking/ toileting in the wrong place/ pulling on the leash/ fear of certain noises, objects, people or situations/ eating too much/ not eating enough/ self mutilation/ tail chasing/ obsessions?


Our Chairman, Hazel Black is a qualified dog behaviourist who teaches dog owners how to manage their own dogs by making subtle changes in their lifestyles & dog handling, so that they can communicate effectively with their dog(s) in a non-confrontational, reward based way, in a language their dog(s) will understand. This ultimately leads to them living a harmonious, long & happy life with their dog(s).


Hazel is the founder and Chairman of HK Rescue Puppies. She has rescued/ rehabilitated/ fostered hundreds of puppies & dogs in HK over the past 7 years, so has experienced a large variety of behavioural issues. She has done a lot of research, practice & study into dog behaviour & different training methods & has found methods that really work. She completed 2 dog behavioural courses in the UK in 2011, which were followed by months of graduation training. She then went back to the UK in 2012 & completed 3 more courses. She is part of a worldwide group of dog behaviourists who discuss issues with dogs on a regular basis, write quarterly articles & help each other out with advice when necessary.


Her clients can either pay a one off fee for lifetime back up or pay by the hour. She works with new & experienced dog owners. NB. 10% of her fees will be donated to HK Rescue Puppies to help save more puppies & dogs lives.


If you are having problems with your puppy or dog(s) that you simply cannot cope with or you need some advice on, then please call Hazel on 2818-1598 or 9021-2472 (11 am to 7 pm only) or e-mail Woof Woof!  


Preparations and care for your new puppy
Preparations and care for your new puppy
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