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Hazel & Dr. Dog, Zara at an Animals Asia Dr Dog event at Beacon Hill School in June 2010
Hazel & Dr. Dog, Zara at an Animals Asia Dr Dog event at Beacon Hill School in June 2010
One of HK Rescue Puppies missions is to educate the Hong Kong public on responsible pet ownership and how to properly treat and care for dogs. HK Rescue Puppies' Chairman, Hazel Black is a qualified Dog Behaviourist who is happy to come to schools and youth clubs to do talks on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. All she asks is that the school or group please makes a reasonable donation to our organisation for her time and knowledge (she does not charge any fee for the talk). The talk/ visit can be done with or without friendly puppies and/ or dogs. For more information please e-mail us at


An ex-student of Beacon Hill School, Hazel visited Beacon Hill School with her doggy, Zara as part of an Animals Asia Dr Dog event in June 2010. She visited the school again 3 times between May 2013 and June 2018 on behalf of HKRP. Hazel was interviewed by the students as part of a project they were doing on Animal Cruelty and responsible pet ownership in HK and went back to the school for the final exhibition of the project. She was also interviewed twice by groups of students from Renaissance College, who were taking part in the same project in their school. Hazel has also done a Dog Behaviour talk at Christian Alliance School in Kowloon.


With Animals Asia's Dr Dog program Hazel has also visited Gleneally school, various kindergartens, Heep Hong and a number of old people's homes. Each visit brought joy, laughter and education to those involved. Feel free to contact Animals Asia Directly about their Dr Dog and Professor PAWS programs.


HKRP believe that the way forward is to educate the youth of today on responsible pet ownership and the correct way to treat and behave around animals, so that we can significantly reduce the number of animals being abandoned/ abused/ neglected/ killed in the future. Please help us to achieve this mission.
Ghandi said that "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Please help us to make Hong Kong a great nation.


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