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HK Rescue Puppies is an all volunteer run, non-profit, HK Government Registered Animal Welfare Society with no paid premises or paid staff. 100% of all donations go directly towards helping the animals that we rescue. Although we are a registered AFCD -AMD (Agriculture & Fisheries Conservation Department - Animal Management Division) re-homing partner (so that we can rescue animals from death row at the Government pound), we receive no Government subsidies & rely solely on kind donations from the public in order to continue our work.


In order to function effectively, we do ask adopters to please make a donation towards the costs of the puppy or dog that they are adopting, but sometimes (if the animal is hard to home or if their vets bills are exceptionally high) we have to subsidise these costs; especially if it means securing a lovely, new home for the animal. We also spend money providing necessary medical treatment & food for a number of unhomeable stray/ soi dogs/ cats & village dogs (whose owners either won’t provide treatment to the dogs or simply can’t afford to).


The more donations we receive, the more animals we can help. If you would like to kindly make a donation towards our cause, then please pay any monetary donations into our HSBC bank account 808-833032-001 under the name HK Rescue Puppies (if you would like confirmation of receipt, then please e-mail us the details of the payment). Alternatively, please e-mail or call/  whatsapp Hazel – 9021-2472 (11 am-7 pm only any day) or send a Line message to hazelblack.


In addition to monetary donations we are always in need of the following donations:


  • Dog food, dog treats & puppy milk powder.
  • Towels & washable blankets.
  • Dog beds, dog bowls, dog brushes & combs (especially Furminators).
  • Dog shampoo (normal dog shampoo, plus medicated shampoo like Malaseb)
  • Dog collars, harnesses & leads.
  • Banadanas, dog raincoats & warm dog jackets for the cold, winter months.
  • Outdoor cat and dog kennels & travel crates.
  • Medication like: Worming tablets/ Preventic Flea & Tick Collars/ Frontline/ Radicate/ Advantix/ Revolution/ Heartguard/Tri-Heart/ Hibiscrub/ Iodine/ Fungatopic/ Silversurf/ Genteal eye drops/ dog ear cleaning liquid/ cotton wool/ Propalyn Syrup/ Omega 3/ .
  • Any new, dog related items to put in our “Go Home” Goodie bags for adopters.
  • Any new items that we could sell at our sales tables (mostly at school Christmas fairs) to raise money for our doggies and cats.


Many thanks & WOOFS & MEOWS for any help you can please offer us! 


1 Applies to shipping within Hong Kong SAR China. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: Payment and Delivery Information