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Grumpy is  a weird name for this lovely doggy as he is far from grumpy. He is a super, healthy, friendly 1 year old neutered male. He is up to date with everything and is currently in kennels awaiting his loving, forever home. If you are interested in meeting Grumpy with a view to adopting him., please call Daisy on 2791 9330 during office hours.

Lovely, sporty and beautiful dog needs a loving, forever home.


Pommy is a 1-year-old, 18 kg puppy who is fully desexed, vaccinated and microshipped. He has grown up to look a bit like Scooby Doo and has a similar, goofy & loving personality.

In Pommy's current home he is staying with his brother and another adopted female puppy. Since they got Pommy he has been very tense around his brother and the situation has only gotten worse. Because of this they sadly need to find a new home for Pommy (or alternately his brother), as they simply don't get along and Pommy is unhappy in these circumstances.

Pommy is a very cuddly and friendly dog and gets along great with humans. He may be a bit shy at first but quickly warms to new people. He is also friendly with other dogs with the exception of his brother.

He is fully house trained and has basic behavioral training. He sleeps inside at night and respects our furniture and other items. He is very good with children.

Pommy needs a home where he can run and walk a lot. He is an active dog who needs  a lot of exercise. He is a great running partner and would be ideal as a companion for anyone training for a marathon or simply likes to jog/run or go for long hikes. 

He would be fine as the only dog in the home, but it would be good if there are other dogs around that he can play with from time to time. If someone already has another dog or 2 and wants to foster him to se if he can get along with their dogs, then this would be okay too.

Pommy has a great personality and whomever adopts him will hopefully let his current owner visit from time to time, as they are not happy having to rehome him, but with the current circumstances with his brother it has become a necessity.

Please contact his owner, Ulf (English/ Swedish speaker) at 6072 2333  or his wife Suki (Chinese/ English speaker) at 6076 3796.


Many thanks & woofs!

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