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The following is a basic list of requirements for a successful adoption with HK Rescue Puppies:

  1. The dog must never be left locked in a cage or crate or chained up. If an adopter/ foster needs to tie their dog up occasionally for a short period of time (i.e. If they are popping into a shop or if they have someone coming to their house who is afraid of dogs), then this is okay, so long as it rarely happens, the animal has enough leash to lie down, is in a safe, sheltered area & has sufficient fresh water to drink.
  2. The dog cannot be left alone all day whilst the adopters are at work. If the adopter works full time with no full time maid, then they will have to walk the dog just before they go to work, as soon as they get home from work & also arrange for someone to come in everyday in the middle of the day to walk & spend time with the dog for at least 1 hour per day. The dog cannot be left alone for longer than 5 hours at a time & if they are regularly left alone, then we recommend that the adopter adopt at least 2 puppies/ dogs, so that they have each other for company/ to play with (dogs are social, pack animals & do not like to be left alone).
  3. The adopter must live in a place that allows dogs & agree not to move to a place that does not allow dogs & must agree to take the dog with them if they move abroad.
  4. The adopter must make a commitment to their new dog for the rest of his/ her natural life.
  5. The adopter must make provisions for the welfare, care & upkeep of the dog in the unfortunate event that they lose their job/ are disabled or die.
  6. The adopter must have a big enough home to accommodate the number of people and animals living there.
  7. The adopter must have sufficient funds to pay for all of the dog's necessary veterinary & food costs (even in the case of any emergency surgeries, which may be required). Setting up a pet fund for their dog or pet insurance, is recommended.
  8. Unless they are medically unfit, all fully vaccinated HKRP rescue puppies/ dogs must be walked at least 3 times per day for a minimum of 1 hour total per day (unless the adopter/ foster has a secure garden that the dog has regular access to for toileting and playing, in which case the dog must be walked at least twice per day for a minimum of 1 hour per day). Adopters/ fosters must be made aware of the importance of familiarising their puppy/ dog with other places & friendly dogs & people. NB. In order to avoid unnecessary mishaps, fully vaccinated puppies in the process of toilet training must initially be walked 5-7 times  per day for a minimum of 10 minutes each time (young puppies have much smaller bladders than adult dogs, so cannot hold their wee wee for very long).
  9. If the dog is to be kept in an outside area, then it must have proper shelter from the rain & the sun at all times of the day & in all weather. In such cases, the adopters must be encouraged to adopt more than 1 dog & (in addition to the minimum 1 hour per day of walks) spend at least an additional hour (if not much longer) playing with/ training/ interacting with their dog.
  10. The dog must be given at least 2 meals per day & have a constant supply of fresh water to drink. Puppies under 1 year old need 3 meals per day.
  11. The adopter must agree not to abuse (physically or verbally), mistreat, hit, neglect or harm the dog in any way.
  12. The adopter must agree & pay (in advance) to have the dog desexed (if not already done) & take the puppy/ dog to the vet to have this done between 5 & 6 months old for females & 5 - 7 months old for males. All HKRP foster puppies must be desexed before 6 months old (unless rescued when older, in which case they will need desexing ASAP).
  13. The adopter/ foster must agree to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian for all necessary vaccinations, wormings and veterinary treatment & to keep the dog up to date with monthly flea & tick prevention & Heartworm prevention. All HKRP foster puppies must go to one of our registered vets (unless otherwise agreed and the foster wishes to pay the bill).
  14. To the best of our ability we must match the right dog to the right adopter/ foster & take into account the dog's behavioural problems (if any) and the adopter/ foster's experience with dogs.
  15. The adopter must complete our questionnaire & adoption form & be made to fully understand its contents & meaning.
  16. If someone wants to foster a dog with the view to adopting it, then they must first complete the adoption form & questionnaire & pay the necessary donations for that dog. They will have 1 week to decide & can return the dog if they find it is not the right dog for them. If the dog is returned in good health & condition, then any monies paid can be returned to the adopter or applied towards another dog that they choose from HKRP. If they decide to definitely keep the dog, then the dog's medical records can then be transferred from HKRP to the new owner.
  17. Foster parents who are fostering the dogs without a view to adopting them, must first complete a foster agreement & be made to understand the commitment involved when fostering that dog. Only then, can the dog be handed over to them. The foster must take the dog to the vets for routine vaccinations & must keep an up to date record of all of the dog's treatment (worming, Frontline, Heartworm prevention, flea collars etc.). The foster must also bring the puppy/ puppies/ dog/ dogs to all of our scheduled homing sessions and collect them at the end; if not homed.
  18. All adopters must be asked to make a recommended donation for their new dog's vets/ medical costs, licensing etc. The guideline for recommended adoption donations for dogs is detailed on our HKRP questionnaire.
  19. All HKRP puppies & dogs come with a "Go Home" goodie bag which includes a blanket, toys, collar or harness, lead,  bandana, dog food, treats, raw hide bone & much more (depending on what goodies we get donated).

I hope the above list makes things clear about the suitability of an adopter or foster parent. If you are not sure about anything, then please ask Hazel by e-mailing - or call 9021-2472 (10 am to 7 pm only).


Many thanks & Woof Woof!


Hazel Black - Chairman - HK Rescue Puppies


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