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Dr Dog - Zara Black - 18/8/05 - 13/8/12. RIP.
Dr Dog - Zara Black - 18/8/05 - 13/8/12. RIP.

HK Rescue Puppies (HKRP) was founded by our Chairman, Hazel Black in April 2010. Hazel is a qualified dog behaviourist who has fostered/ rescued/ rehabilitated/  homed well over 200 puppies & dogs since 2006. Our Treasurer (Candice Murphy) is a highly experienced Animal Welfare Volunteer, who has worked with hundreds of puppies, dogs and cats over the years. Our 6 foot 5" secretary, Stuart Morton (affectionately known as the "Bug Man"; as he jointly runs the pet friendly, pest control company, Bio Cycle) is a lover of dogs and cats and always willing to help out where he can. We have an excellent team of foster Mums & Dads, as well as other parents and lots of school kids (some doing CAS) who volunteer at our puppy homing sessions & help us out at our stands at a number of school fairs.

HKRP is an all volunteer run, non-profit, Hong Kong Government registered Animal Welfare Society that rescues, rehabilitates and homes abandoned and stray puppies and dogs in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong and street (soi) dogs and cats in Thailand. 100% of all donations go directly towards the animals that we rescue. If you would like to adopt one or two of our available puppies/ dogs/ cats, please download our questionnaire and e-mail the completed copy to .


NB. We are currently helping street animals in Thailand, so do not have any puppies and dogs available in HK at the moment. We are helping other rescue groups in HK to promote their available rescue animals. If you would like to meet any of the cats, puppies and dogs advertised on our Facebook page, then please feel free to directly message the rescuer/ rescue group/ call the number advertised for each puppy/ dog/ cat next to their photo.

If we don't have the type of animal that you are looking for, then we are happy to help you find the right one to suit you and your family through other reputable rescue groups (SPCA, HKACW, PAWS, LAP, PALS, SAA, HK Homeless Dog Shelter, Catherine's Puppies, HKDR etc.). The important thing is that you please "Adopt; Don't Shop" for your perfect 4 legged family member and please make sure that you choose an animal whose temperament and physical needs best suit your lifestyle and living arrangements. We also work alongside other Animal Welfare related groups, such as Animals Asia, HK Animal Speak (great for doggy tips and ordering good quality doggy name tags) and STOP (Save HK's Cats and Dogs).

Lee Lung Company Limited kindly help us out with reasonably priced (and sometimes donated) Hill Science Diet food & give us lots of goodies for our "Go-Home" Goodie bags (each HKRP puppy or dog comes with one of these "Starter pack" bags). SPCA give us a great discount on their vet services and are always happy to help us out with tricky rescues when necessary (Hazel & the helpful SPCA BoBo Rescue van driver once had to climb down into a 15 foot hole in the forest floor with rock climbing gear to rescue a puppy that had fallen in and gotten trapped in there!).

A HUGE THANKS & WOOF WOOF to all the companies and groups that are always so willing to help us with our cause!

If you would like to join our team, then please e-mail us at & join/ like us on Facebook - HK Rescue Puppies.

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